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Bill Johnson, Denali National Park's Superintendent, has heard of all the fun you had while exploring the park's tundra.  He has written to ask for your help:

Dear Students,

My name is Bill Johnson. I am the superintendent of one of the world's greatest places, "Denali National Park and Preserve".  I love it here.  It was great to hear of all the fun that you and your friends had while exploring Denali National Park's tundra.  

I recently met with many of our park rangers to explore the idea of creating a "Kids' Field Guide to Denali's Tundra".  Your names continually came up.  It sounded like you not only had a great time but were very knowledgeable of many aspects of the tundra and were able to clearly explain what you learned.

I am asking you for your help to create our "Kids' Field Guide to Denali's Tundra".  Can you help them with this important task?


Bill Johnson, Denali National Park Superintendent
e-mail: denalisuper@iwebquest.com



During the creation of our  "Kids' Field Guide to Denali's Tundra", you will:

  1. Choose one area that you are interested in exploring further.   
  2. Explore that area further using the Internet and other offline resources.
  3. Create a page for our "Kids' Field Guide to Denali's Tundra".  Your field guide will teach others about the natural features that you chose to explore further.


Hands-On Fun


  • Quickly review the areas of the tundra that you have explored.  You may use the links on the top left of this page to help you review.

Choose an Aspect of the Tundra 

  • Brainstorm aspects of the tundra that you are interested in exploring further. 
  • Then, choose one aspect from our exploration of the Midnight Sun, Permafrost, Glacier Rivers, Plant Adaptations, or Animal Adaptations.

Look at Other Field Guides

Develop Your Own Field Guide

  • With your friends, develop a list of five or more features that your  "Kids' Field Guide to Denali's Tundra" must have.
  • Use Microsoft Word or Appleworks to develop your "Kids' Field Guide to Denali's Tundra".

Assess Your Field Guide


Submit Your Field Guide

  • When you are finished with your page for the "Kids' Field Guide to Denali's Tundra", please submit it to us.  You can send your Microsoft Word or Appleworks Document as an attachment to:


  • We will post your page for the "Kids' Field Guide to Denali's Tundra" on our web site.

Further Exploration

  • What are your state's geographical regions? Are different species of wildlife found in different parts of your state? How do the ways that each type of animal or plant  meets its basic needs for food, water, shelter and space match up with the geographic region in which they live? Research, write and illustrate a field guide to wildlife of your area.



Use our "Kids' Field Guide to Denali's Tundra" Rubric to check out how you did.


Introduction Overview  |  Hands-On Fun  |  Assessment


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